Moving Forward

I saw this quote from Martin Luther King (MLK) on MLK day and the quote resonated with me as it felt like validation of our daily life in supporting Lizzie in her recovery.  I was also touched as   MLK day was always one of my favorite holidays when I taught first grade.  I loved seeing first hand how powerful an impression MLK’s struggle and the Civil Rights Movement could have on six year olds.   So, MLK thank you for inspiring me with this quote.

The walker is called a reverse walker.

It’s been five years since Lizzie’s stroke and every day we all get up and work to keep moving forward.  Since January Lizzie has gotten a new walker and went swimming at a wonderful indoor pool.  The pool was fully accessible and you need a prescription to swim there.  The pool has parallel bars and a ramp entrance not to mention the 92 degree water.

Open swim at Mill’s Peninsula in San Mateo.








Skiing is next in Lizzie’s future and we are all headed up to Alpine Meadows at Lake Tahoe in March.  Lizzie’s physical therapist got certified as an adaptive ski instruction and we hope to connect with her for one lesson.  We’ll see where that goes or doesn’t!  Lizzie used to love to ski.

So, for now we awake every day ready to move and open to the hope that moving forward can bring.  I hope this quote provides some inspiration for you too!



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