Hot Stones

Lizzie always loved getting pedicures.  Lizzie and I would get pedicures regularly and it was our go to activity when Lizzie came home from college on her breaks.  While we still go for pedicures we also do them at home.

Lizzie always has cold feet.   Somehow the idea of using heated massage stones, like the pedicure spa used, seemed like a good idea.  So, on to Amazon and of course Amazon has massage stones.    I realized I’d also need some massage oil  too after Amazon suggested it!

Well, I can tell you, the heated massage stones were a big big hit.  Not only did Lizzie’s feet get warm  but…..but……but……the best thing is Lizzie responded to the massage by talking.

I had massaged Lizzie for a while and I was getting ready to stop.  I was putting her socks on and she pointed to her feet as if to indicate more.  So,  I said if you want more to say “more”.  Lizzie said “more”.  Of course I massaged her more.  After I bit I  put her socks on and said, say “thank you mama”.  Lizzie said “thank you mama”.  Four words in 20 minutes, yippeee…..Since then I’ve also gotten her to say, “massage mama” and I can always count on her to say, “more” and sometimes “thank you mama”.

It’s always satisfying to hear thank you especially knowing how hard it is for Lizzie to talk.

If you decide to become an at home heated stone massage therapist let me know!  We are always up for a house call.

How to do an at home heated stone massage:

Heat the massage stones by pouring boiling water over them.  Let them set for a few minutes.  I use a plastic bowl.

While the stones are warming up I put the massage oil on Lizzie’s feet and legs and massage her.  We also do range of motion with flexing and pointing her feet, doing ankles in a circular motion and windshield wipers.  I’m sure you’ll get the idea.

After about 5 minutes I use tongs to take two stones out of the water.  There are four stones in the set.  I  set the two stones on the towel which I put under Lizzie’s feet and legs to keep the massage oil off the furniture.

How cute are those feet!


Continue to massage the legs and feet until the massage stones are comfortable to your touch.

A good rule of thumb about the heat of the massage stones is if you can hold it in your hand they should be the right temperature for a massage.  Touching the stones lightly on the feet of the individual to test it out and asking if the temperature is ok is another way to ensure the stones are not too hot.

Grasping the rock in my hand I rub the bottom of the feet, the toes, the top of the feet and the legs.  I don’t have a particular sequence for the massage but I’m sure there would be guidelines on line.  I like to go with the flow and enjoy the connection!





  1. bestfootforwardweb

    Great story Sara! You are always finding such innovative and clever ways to interact with Lizzie!! And it’s touching to see how she is communicating with you. That’s really a huge step and so rewarding.
    I think I need to either:
    1) Order massage stones from Amazon and have Gilles read this post so he can use them on me.
    2) Make a daily stop at your house…or would you rather me make an appointment? LOL!
    Keep the great ideas flowing. Beautiful!


  2. Kathryn B. Hampton

    This is a wonderful story Sara and very happy news! KEEP TALKING LIZZIE, you have NO idea how much it means to a mother’s heart to hear your daughter’s voice. xoxoxo Kathy


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