Best invention!

Target and Whole Foods have rolled out this new shopping cart, called the Caroline Cart, in most of their store.  This is a shopping cart that will seat your special needs adult or child. and allow the caregiver/parent to shop like a regular person!  No more purchasing a few necessities and using the bag on the back of the wheelchair.  Or imagine pushing a wheelchair and a shopping cart!

Lizzie, Jade and I have tried this out a few times at Target and Whole Foods.   The cart has really made shopping so much more relaxing.  Lizzie is higher off the ground, secure and we can both browse and interact easier.  I love it!  Best invention ever.

The cart is made by technibilt.  The link will allow you to type  in your address and see if there are carts at your local store.

Whole Foods has an amazing Aromatherapy and lotion aisle.  There are ton of samples to smell.  We spend a lot of time just smelling the testers or trying the sample lotions!

I hope you can find a Caroline Cart in your area if you have a special need.  I’d love to hear about it if you do!



  1. Kayleen Chilton

    I checked the availability of the cart in my area and only one store, Winco, has it. I hope more stores purchase this cart and there is a need.


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