The Story

These are small stories within the bigger story of what happened to Lizzie.


Some days are hard and some are easier.  A great strategy to a good day is to think big picture, we live in a nice house, have a nice family, have nice friends, do nice things so life must be nice. Having too much time to think or a trigger word and the glossy big […]


Three weeks

January 10, 2013.  We were about three weeks into this hell of a life.  Our zombie bodies going from here to there.  Our mind not capable of anything but the automaticity of life.  When the doctor did their rounds Dr. Steinberg would always say “Do you have any questions?” and all we could do was […]


My side continued

December 26, 2012. It started as a normal day for us.  Our schedule was packed as always and I was trying to squeeze in a walk with Viviane.  Mind you I was still tired from hosting Christmas dinner but the dishes were all done so on to the next thing!  On the schedule that day […]