Sealed with a kiss

I remember having a wax sealing kit as a kid.  I loved it and sealed all my letters.  The only stamp we had then was stamp that said, SWAK, Sealed with a Kiss.  Now there are a ton of stamps just look at the aisles in the craft store or on line.  This year at Christmas we used the wax seal and stamped the initial for our last name to seal all 80 Christmas cards.

Creating the pool of wax.
Hold the stamp for 20 seconds on the wax while it creates the impression.

Using the wax stamp took a lot of time.  We did a few at a time over several days.  This was great muscle practice and visual motivation for Lizzie as she had to hold the candle steady to create the symmetrical liquid pool of wax.  Then she would aim to place the stamp into the wax pool and hold it in place to create the initial.


Other Kits

This kit comes with a copper spoon that you hold over the votive flame to melt the wax.Other Kits

Since the holidays we’ve continue to play more with the seals and put them on scrapbook pages and to seal other cards.  It’s so much fun!   We’ve discovered two new wax sealing kits.  One from Amazon which is unique.  The Harry Potter inspired wax kit was beautifully crafted and contained in a box.  In addition to the Hogworth seal there was a copper spoon where chipped wax goes and is melt over the small votive candle.  After it’s melted you pour into a nice circle of stamping.



Look how focused Lizzie is in holding the spoon still.


This is the cool Hogworths seal.


The other wax seal kit came from Target and is too cute.  There are two stamps which are interchangeable by unscrewing the end.

The two ends can be alternated on the handle by screwing off one and replacing the other.


Cute seals for a loved one.













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