Pismo Beach has become our “go to” vacation spot!  This is our second time going to Pismo Beach and it was just as fun this time as the first time.  Beach vacations are always fun and the accessibility of Pismo keeps us coming back.

Both times we’ve stayed in accommodations right on the beach.  There is a lovely boardwalk that goes along the beach for quite a while.  The condo and then hotel we were staying in were right on the boardwalk.  The boardwalk has a railing defining the walk with a broad board on top.  The boardwalk gave Lizzie lots of opportunities to practice standing and walking.  Imagine the mental vacation of looking out at the ocean as you stand or walk.

Pismo makes it easy for disabled people to be on the beach.  Right in town is a bike rental store that has manual beach wheelchairs that you can use for free if you leave your drivers license.  So much better than other beach wheelchairs we’ve used, these chairs are easy to push on the beach. Once we are on the beach there is always standing in the sand and walking on  the hard pack as the water rushes up your legs!

There is another company which rents motorized beach wheelchairs.  This is the best choice for Lizzie.  With the motorized chair Lizzie is able to navigate herself on the wide stretch of beach.  We’d rent the chair for two hours and walk along side Lizzie with the dog.  Sometimes Jade would be on the leash, sometimes on Lizzie’s lap.  The motorized beach wheelchairs can be rented directly through California Coast Beach Power Chair.

Therapy on a vacation schedule in a stimulating new environment give your therapy a funner twist.  Here Lizzie is doing all the activities she does at home.



Practicing standing with the rail on the beach boardwalk.


Walking along the boardwalk.


Sitting at an outdoor cafe.


Till we go again.






























  1. Julie Kaufman

    Hi Sara and Bill, I have been following your blog for a while, but haven’t commented. I love this upbeat post, and also am in awe of all of you and how you have been helping Lizzie, and helping others, too, by this blog. I think of you often.


  2. Susan Steinberg

    Thanks for sharing your experiences and activities for Lizzie with your blog and pictures. I enjoy reading it! Helps me to keep up with you!


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