The Cantor Art Museum at Stanford had a press release about a new exhibit featuring the work of Nina Katchadourian.  The only Nina I knew of was on season one of 24!   So hoping to up my cultural knowledge and continue to engage Lizzie through outings we went one rainy Saturday afternoon.

There were a few highlights about Nina’s work that caught my attention from the article.   One was book sorting and the other Lavatory Self Portaits, from airplane bathrooms in the style of Flemish paintings. Having some background knowledge before we went to the exhibit helped me to engage Lizzie more.

In book sorting, Nina Katchadourian immersed herself in public and private collections of books, sorted the books in some sort of order to tell a story from the titles.  Then she photographed the sorted books.

The sortings were quiet interesting to look at and to try to figure out what they meant.  It inspired me to sort my own books too.  It made me wonder what story do my books tell.

I determined through my own laziness that my nightstand cabinet was already sorted as they were the books I’ve read or referred to in the past few years.  So, I took some out, put them in order to say “something” and took a picture. Here is the result of my “sorted” book study!

Sorting from my nightstand. 2017






Here is a link to Nina’s website.  I recommend her youtube video as well!  Enjoy and post your sorting of books!


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