Happy Birthday

Lizzie’s birthday is Oct 30th!  Every year since she was old enough to know she has wanted to have a special birthday celebration. Last year we went to Vegas and her aunts and uncle joined us!  Such fun and what a hard party to top.  This year knowing we would be at home I struggled with how to help Lizzie know and enjoy her birthday.

Somehow I thought decorating her old bedroom would provide a smaller and comfortable place to celebrate her birthday.  Also, in a small space I have a better chance of making the room look like a birthday party.   So, off to the party store to buy decorations.


Then a trip to buy a Lizzie worthy sweater.  I knew it when I saw it.  My last thought was to have  family members call starting at 5:00 pm in 15 min intervals with a simple happy birthday wish.  Everything worked out well.




Bill walked Lizzie up the stairs, we sang happy birthday, and Lizzie opened the cards and gifts.   The calls were successful till the landline got too scratchy.  Lizzie even responded with an occasional hello and good-bye.

Lizzie seemed happy by the expression on her face and seemed to really like every touch.  The smiles came so much easier that night!



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