Rocks first.
Form a nice base of rocks for drainage.
Dirt on top.
Bulbs and then water.














Bulbs are a tradition with my sister and I.  For years she brought bulbs, paper whites, that she has planted as a housewarming gift for Christmas.  Now in the past 3 years or more Lizzie and I have taken over the bulb planting.  Some years we do it better than others.  This year I predict will be the best year ever.

Usually I try to cobble together containers from things around the house.  This fills the need but not always in a glamorous way!  This year I found some glass containers at Cost-Plus and then found the inspiration on Pinterest for upping the style factor of our gifts.  See the featured image!

Forcing paper whites is super easy.  The bulbs are usually ready to pop at the nursery even before you plant them.  So with water and soil they really start growing fast.

I positioned the rocks for the vase on one side of Lizzie and the soil on the other.  You can see her reaching to both sides, crossing midline and then having to use eye hand coordination to place the rocks and the soil into the vase.

After the fourth planting Lizzie stopped and was sort of done.  I’ve found in instances like this that changing the activity a bit can give her some new energy to forge on.  So, we switched to watering the four plants that she had completed.  After a short break she finished planting the other bulbs.

Can’t wait to see if our final product looks as pretty as the one on pinterest.  The burlap is already ordered and perhaps we’ll have to youtube how to tie a pretty bow!




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