Three weeks

January 10, 2013.  We were about three weeks into this hell of a life.  Our zombie bodies going from here to there.  Our mind not capable of anything but the automaticity of life.  When the doctor did their rounds Dr. Steinberg would always say “Do you have any questions?” and all we could do was to shake our head no.  He would remind us to write them down and yet we never had anything on the paper.  All we really wanted to know was, is Lizzie going to be ok?  Will there be any long term damage?  The doctors would always look at us sympathetically and say I hope she is singing and dancing next time I see her.  It was so kind yet still no answers to the pressing questions in our minds.  One time I really pressed one of the doctors, Dr. M, and she said, “it’s hard to imagine she won’t have some disability” but that was it.  We had chosen the path of life but even today the doctors can not offer any real information  as to the extent of the injury to Lizzie’s brain.  Very frustrating.


  1. a. Grant

    I remember asking about the results of the EEG that they ran on Katie about 2 days after her rupture. Her neurologist said it was “as expected “. And what’s that? I wanted to know. “An overall slowing of brain activity.” And I wanted to know what that really meant. So he added, “it means everything is slowed down and we don’t really know how things will play out.” Not so comforting. The ICU days were brutal!


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