San Francisco

Everyone loves San Francisco.  Often called the “city” here.  Richard had moved there almost a year ago now, hmm…..I wonder if it was two years ago in May….. hmmmmm.  Regardless I try to get up there to see him from time to time.   I’ve gone for lunch but my favorite is to meet him after work for dinner.  I love being there early before he gets done from work and watching people leaving work and darting off to their favorite bar or restaurant or just going home.  Surprisingly it is a small city and seeing someone you know isn’t that surprising.

The traffic to the city has gotten terrible, I might have mentioned this before, so I timed my departure to avoid meeting the traffic.  I left at 3 for dinner at 6.  I got up to the city in good time, and parked near the restaurant.  Richard, in thinking of his mom, had been to a German restaurant a few times and had mentioned how good it is.  So, having lived in Germany for 9 years of my life and being in love with German food I was super excited.  I had already checked the menu on line and they had my favorite “wiener schnitzel”.  In Germany as a kid every time we went out to dinner I always ordered wiener schnitzel.  The schnitzel, even a child’s portion, was always so big.  It always came hanging over the plate and I’d think I can’t eat this but always finished my plate!  In Germany when you ordered schnitzel the first thing you heard was the pounding of the meat.  A whack whack noise would come from the kitchen as they pounded the meat super thin.  The next sound you’d hear is the sizzle of the coated meat hitting the pan.  Then when the food appeared in front of you it was like magic even though you heard the prep in the kitchen.

Schroeders, the German restaurant, where we were dining had a bustling crowd almost piling out into the street.  Richard walked up looking happy and looked busy as always.  He was carrying some drawings in a tube but just the hustle of his walk tells you that he’s someone who is working hard.  We pushed through the crowd, Richard remembered it was March madness, so maybe it was a bigger crowd in the bar than normal.  I doubt it though as with long picnic tables in the bar good conversation and drinking would always flow easily.  Also, knowing that the restaurant had been in existence since 1893 I’m sure there is always a loud crowd.  I was a little worried about the noise level but as we followed the hostess to our table the noise level and crowds became lower as we arrived at the back of the restaurant where there are just a few tables.  There were ceiling to floor black sheer curtains dividing the spaces and surely helping to reduce the bustling entrance.

As predicted I ordered the schnitzel.  Richard ordered the sausage platter.  I was craving a sweet Riesling wine and Richard ordered a bier!  Yummy from the start.  The kitchen was not near us so there were no noises to remind us that our meal was being prepared.  But suddenly and just as surprised as I always was Schroders delivered.  Yummy schnitzel piling over my plate.  Looking too big to consume but surprise not too big for me!  The crust had the perfect amount of crunch and there was a lemon taste which I love.  Underneath the two pieces of schnitzel was german potato salad.  It paled in comparison but with bacon and potatoes I had to eat some!



Well, dinner could not be complete without cake so afterwards I ordered chocolate cake and Richard had a tiny bit.  We had a great time talking about this and that.  Not sure what but it was a comfortable time and very fun.  Then Richard said he needed to go to his office so we walked there and then walked back to the car and I drove him home.  It was a thrill to go to his office and at 7;30pm we ran into a few people.  Fun to meet his co-workers and catch a glimpse of his life.  A great night with my great son in the city!  

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  1. Michael C.

    Really wonderful story! I particularly liked how you described seeing Richard walking up the street carrying the tube of drawings. I could totally picture the scene! Wonderful story, beautifully written. Well done!


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