Doing therapy with the items you loves sounds like a no brainer.  Yet, it takes being at home and being surrounded with your “stuff” for this to happen.   This morning when Lizzie and I were doing our home speech therapy program I got out our usual starter items, candles, scented lotions, perfume, the body.  This was the day that Lizzie used the most initiation to use her stuff.    Usually everything is directed by the person with Lizzie but today.  Today though,  I had walked away and when I came back Lizzie was holding the massager to her throat.  I turned it on for her and I massaged her neck and face.  Next on her own Lizzie unscrewed the perfumed lotion tin and smelled then put some on her hands.  When she had too much on her hands she reached for my hands to put some on me.  I handed her a candle and then she reached for the lighter and lite the candle herself.  The final item which neither of us had touched with the perfume.  She picked it up and handed it to me.  I gave it back to her and helped her to point the hole to her wrist and she pushed the button on top.  Then she automatically transferred the scent to her other wrist.

These items, perfume, scented lotions, scented candles, lip stick, lighters, and a massager are items she use everyday.  Repeated use has provided Lizzie with  initiation in using the items on their own.  These are high value items for her and most 23 year old young women!


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