Postcard writing

Presidents Day, 2017

My sister Kayleen had been telling me about her strategy of writing postcards to relieve her distress and anger over some of the elected officials, Trump and a new entourage, and their new policies.  Intrigued I wasn’t convinced until she told me that one of her friends had a post card writing party!  Ok, a party, I’m all over that.  In casually talking to my in-laws they hopped on the idea and before I knew it the party was set for Monday, February 20th.  Loving organization I got right on getting everything set up to have 9 people over to write post cards.

Here is my to do list:

1 Buy postcards with stamps

Send email to invitees to bring 3-4 issues typed, 3 copies each

Make scones, chicken sandwiches and fruit salad

Buy coffee, make tea and set up the service

Item 1 fell apart the second the postal worker said, we have sold out of postcards and don’t know when we’ll get them.  So, I purchased stamps.  This then launched the making of marbleized paper and the cutting of the paper and colored card stock paper as to have a pretty surface to write the cards on.

Item fell apart while my in-laws were on their way to the house as we realized everyone needed a packet of ideas to write from as all those sheets of paper would be unmanageable.  So as soon as people arrived we ran off to our printer/copier/scanner which when it needs to do a job quickly is so slow.  Once we got the extra copies we thrust them at the person and said you have work to do, go distribute your copies into the piles.

Item 3 and 4 went off without a hitch.

What did go well was 9 people sitting around the table focused and united to support each other in writing to our state and federal representatives about issues we care about.  Some of them included keep rights for the disabled, implement better controls over financial institutions, fund vocational education and ensure LGBT have equal rights in our country.  It was a powerful morning and tiring to put pen to paper!

See only a few of our results.




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