Mystery House

February 21, 2017

My sister Heidi drove up from Ventura as her son is living in Oakland now and she likes to connect with him.  Lucky for me I live here and they all convene at our house except the this time we are remodeling a bathroom and life is a wreck. So Heidi stayed in Pleasanton, nearby, 30 min.  Her daughter had purchased tickets to the Winchester Mystery House on groupon and we were to meet there.  While I had been to the Mystery House before with Richard’s 2nd grade class I found it a bit boring.  But, I think doing an activity is a fun way to visit so I thought what the heck.

So glad I was of that mind set as surprise it was a blast.  Could that be Heidi or the tour or not being in charge of a group of 2nd graders.  I’d say choice D, all of the above!  We laughed easily and enjoyed the nuisances of the attraction.  Walked around after the house tour and took pictures of ourselves.  The funnest being Heidi and I imitating two statues positioning.  Aren’t we cute.




Afterwards we went to eat and had even more fun.  Doing our sort of FoodTV critic video sections.  Fun stuff as always!!!

(Video coming)


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