Never did I think at 59 I’d go out to a nightclub.  A friend had wanted to go to Opal in downtown Mountain View as her husband’s assistant worked there.  Also, a partner of his is a partial owner.  I kept saying no to my friend but kept mentioning to all my friends and the younger ones especially that I wasn’t going.  My younger friends said go go go.  So summoning the courage I agreed we’d go and what fun.  We arrived shortly after it opened, got stamped to go in, no line, went in, grabbed a drink and was immediately drawn to the dance floor.  After being silly for a dance I knew to hightail it off the floor and back to the safety of my husband, thank you Bill.  It was a great evening and I can say I’d go again and be braver.  The drinks were great, early there is a nice crowd.  It’s great that woman can dance together now.


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