Thanks God

One afternoon, several months ago now, the three of us, attended the funeral of a friend we had met about 3 years ago.  We connected with her and her husband right away as they were very vivacious and warm.  She had an AVM rupture also and had made a better recovery than Lizzie.  Over the three years we knew them they always welcomed us with such open arms and a ton of support and hope!  It was indeed sad to have her pass without really knowing her time was near.

The night of the funeral while Lizzie was in bed Lizzie verbalized “Thanks God” over and over again.  Since Lizzie doesn’t verbalize very often it was quite a surprise to hear her repeat the words over and over.  Right afterwards she fell asleep.

Our family has not been religious.  I was raised Catholic and have been an on again off again parishioner.  I’ve worn a cross from a friend since Lizzie’s AVM rupture.  I often massage the grooves of the cross for comfort.  Lizzie did go to a small Catholic high school and I remember her saying she was glad to be there as she learned a lot about morals.  Her high school focused on religions of the world and since Lizzie loved foreign culture it all seemed to be a good fit for her.

The next morning, about half way through the morning, Lizzie said, “I want God to help me wake up”.  I repeated her words and wrote it on the small whiteboards we keep around the house.  I showed the words to Lizzie and she verbalized “yes”.   Throughout the day she verbalized a few more times different phrases asking for God’s help.  

Each time she said something I went to her we held hands and we’d say a prayer.  I put a cross round her neck that was my dad’s.  What could be more fragile or vulnerable than holding Lizzie’s gentle hand and praying.  Say a prayer for us all.  Be Thankful to God that Lizzie is verbalizing her needs.




  1. bestfootforwardweb

    What a beautiful and touching story. Thanks for sharing Sara. Faith is a powerful force and i find it remarkable that Lizzie is reaching inward, and embracing her spiritual world. You are such a great mom, and so in tune with Lizzie. Love you guys!


  2. Gayle

    Thank you for sharing this Sara. It is very touching and brings so much hope and love. You and Lizzie have beautiful souls and are making an incredible journey together.


  3. Cindy Payne

    Sara, this is indeed, a remarkable development. I am very touched and feel very positive for you and your entire family. Yes, we are blessed to have Lizzie with us and we are blessed at your breakthrough. Sending lots of love and light!


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