The Thinker

While in Paris do what the Parisians do, get outside, stroll in the gardens, and enjoy culture.  It’s interesting how some works of art draw you in for a lifetime.  Such is the sculpture, “The Thinker” by Rodin. A replica sits in the Cantor Art Museum on the Stanford campus.  It is inside and a part of the larger collection which is outside in the sculpture garden.  Being a free museum it has long been a place the kids and I would go when they were growing up.  So, when we went to Paris in 2012, the Rodin museum was a definite stop.  The outdoor sculpture garden is where “The Thinker” sits in Paris.

Stanford art museum, Fall 2017
Paris, summer 2012

See Lizzie from 2012 in Paris compared to now when we visited “The Thinker” at the art museum in 2017.  I asked Lizzie if I could take her photo with “The Thinker” and she nodded yes.  When I told her to smile she got into the thinker pose on her own!!!

I love seeing her old picture with the new.  It is a good reminder that Lizzie is still “thinking”.  Do you have a piece of art that talks to you?



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