Sisterly love

I remember years ago when my Aunt Bernita, Bun, for short would visit my mom.  It was too funny to watch the banter between them.  Aunt Bun always wore her hair in a bun and I wondered which came first the bun or the truncated name, Bun!  I can’t remember what the banter was like but it was definitely there.  I remembered being a bit surprised at mom, I thought Bully Betty, always fixing fun up.

So too it seems that KK and I fall into a funny banter when she visits.  I somehow switch into a I know it all and will convince you of it sort of person.  As we were sitting in the family room one morning we were talking about KK’s hair, beautiful and brown, longer than mine and she wears it well.  That morning we were discussing KK’s hair being fine and how much she had.  After we went back and forth a few times, your hair is fine, no it isn’t, yes it is, it always was, she announces, I’m not going to win this argument.  Then we both laughed.

We were off to Berkeley to see our nephew race at the invitational meet, 4 other colleges.  Usually I drive but this time KK drove.  I was reminded about how her driving makes me nervous.  Although she claims to be in “complete control” I finally said, I have a pill for just these situations.  So, we continued a bit more calmly  till we got to the meet and needed parking.  That situation was just ripe for more indecision on our parts, ok maybe mine and KK trying to please me.  Finally we parked and headed into the stands.  KK forgot her sunglasses so back to the car for her.  As I waited for her I became tired and decided to sit on the bench.  It had been raining but the bench looked dry.  But did I ever pop right back up.  WET WET WET.  Ugh.  Now I was going to have a wet butt.  KK finally arrived to tell me her sunglasses were hooked on her shirt the whole time and so she was searching for her “back-up” pair.  She found those and about the time she got back she realized where her glasses were.  I told her about my wetness and she suggested going to the bathroom to dry my pants in the dryer.  At first I hesitated due to my sisterly position of being on top but quickly realized, smart idea.  Off we went but no dryer in the bathroom.

Finally we ascended the stairs to the tippy top where the rest of the family was waiting for us in the media booth.  No media for a track meet but lots of family’s huddled up there trying to stay dry.

We both laughed when we got up there as all the sisterly love had taken us a bunch of extra time. No one else could really get it.




Me telling KK to fix her scarf!

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