fullsizeoutput_24abLooking back at the pictures of my brother’s visit the first thing that popped into my mind was Welcome.  That is my brother holding open the door to the hotel just like he holds open the door to his heart.  Being the only boy with 4 sisters was great training ground for a sensitive man but Joe’s wildly ways didn’t come into control till he married Donna and started to have his own children.  It was always there, the strong sense of family, the undeniable support and sharing his good hard work fortune.  A wonderful man.

My brother stayed at the beautiful new boutique hotel in downtown Los Altos called Echante’.  French themed and built by a local woman builder, developer, designer. She used to live on our street so while she doesn’t know us, we certainly feel like we know her.  Funny right!

The hotel is beautifully appointed for a wheelchair visit.  The large front doors easily accommodate the sometimes unwieldy entry of a wheelchair.  The threshold was quite low and it was easy to push over without having to tilt up the wheelchair.  Nice!  The entry into the hotel was quite spacious and wide.  We were meeting my brother for breakfast and the breakfast area was already set up for us.  A long table with easy access for Lizzie.  This is a place I’d love to return to.  The staff was very accommodating.

About halfway through breakfast Lizzie fell asleep so you’ll notice in the photo her drooping body trying to make up for a lost night’s sleep.

If 5 stars were the highest I’d give this event and venue 10!




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