Got to get my fix on

About a year ago I started using stichfix as a fun way to infuse my wardrobe.  Stichfix offers a clothing stylist who selects clothes for you  based on a profile you input.  It’s quite fun to receive the box and try on the clothes.  For $25.00, which can be applied to your fix you don’t have to leave your house to shop!  Some fixes are hit and others miss.  I finally signed Lizzie up and what unexpected fun!


This is the box!

First the box arrives and opening the box and pulling out the clothes is a great exercise.  After checking everything out seriously it’s time to try on.  So, back to the bedroom in the wheelchair with the clothes to try on and do a fashion show.   There are 5 items so that is like getting dressed 5 times.  Great practice.  The fashion show starts when we walk out from the bedroom to the family room to show dad or whoever else is visiting.  My sister KK in this case.  Fashion show, fashion show, fashion show at home!


Each box is pretty cute when you are 23 and it just begs “to get my fix on”. So, set up your profile, you can set the price ranges of your clothing, and get your fix!

How cute is the back!


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