My side continued

December 26, 2012. It started as a normal day for us.  Our schedule was packed as always and I was trying to squeeze in a walk with Viviane.  Mind you I was still tired from hosting Christmas dinner but the dishes were all done so on to the next thing!  On the schedule that day […]


What have you been doing?

Around September of 2013 I wanted to make some sort of journal for Lizzie.  I was hoping to encourage her with what she was accomplishing and help her memory.  The first journals were rather reminiscent of the journal I’d do with my first graders, a bit crude.  Hello I was on a leave of absence […]


Sisterly love

I remember years ago when my Aunt Bernita, Bun, for short would visit my mom.  It was too funny to watch the banter between them.  Aunt Bun always wore her hair in a bun and I wondered which came first the bun or the truncated name, Bun!  I can’t remember what the banter was like […]