The start, my side

December 26, 2012 It was the day after Christmas and all through the house, all were sleeping quiet as mice.  I dashed off for my mammogram of all things and afterwards was going to meet Lizzie and Bill for after Christmas shopping at the mall.  Having finished quite early from the squashing of my breasts […]


She’s awake

February 14, 2013 Dr. Waters at Kentfield Hospital where Lizzie had been transferred to from Stanford at the end of January announced Lizzie was awake from her coma.  Hm…..we thought wow, Hollywood certainly misled us to what that means.  For a while now Lizzie had been responding to my voice by raising her eyebrows.  Every […]


Very x 6

December 28, 2012 Lizzie had been in the hospital a few days now.  We were still in a shock walking around alive but feeling dead.  Lizzie was comatose still.  They kept looking for signs.  I remember being in the hallway screaming, she’s dead and they just won’t tell me, they are afraid to tell me. […]