Fun therapy ideas to inspire you in place of traditional therapy methods.

Christmas Night

December 2012, Christmas Night. We had a busy Christmas morning opening Christmas gifts.  Lizzie loves giving gifts and we love receiving them.  She had bought t-shirts for Bill and Richard from Roots, a Canadian company.  The shirts were wrapped in Roots bags.  Very cute.  Lizzie had given me a beautiful scarf and some lotion from  […]



November 19, 2014 Hi Christopher and Chloe, I shared my experience with Bill this morning and you are the second ones I’m sharing with.  Nearly every day I read a little part of your book.  I randomly open the book and read part of it for 5-10 minutes.    Sometimes I’ve read the section before […]


On my own

Forcing paper whites has long been KK’s project and for years when she would visit during the holidays she’d always bring me a pot of paper whites.  There had been a several year gap so last year at Thanksgiving KK and I thought to force paper whites as a therapeutic project for Lizzie.  We set […]


Apricot Lane

December four years ago I was in my last week of teaching class before the winter  vacation.  The first graders were more than antsy but with my no nonsense approach and minimizing Christmas celebrations or talk I had kinda stomped the spirit out of them!  Lizzie had come home for Christmas vacation from college on […]


Struck by the hand

This morning I woke up and looked across our room at Lizzie.  Her hand was hanging down off the bed between the metal rails.  Against the white linens her skin was whiter and her hands appeared so soft surrounded by the billowy pillows.  Her finger nails painted red elongated her fingers ever so elegantly.   […]