Color my World

We are always on the look out for outings that we think would stimulate and interest Lizzie.  Quite by accident I found out about a pop up museum called The Color Factory in San Francisco.  Pop up museums certainly sound like something a young person would do.  I followed all the rules to get tickets, signing into the link at a specific time and getting in the virtual cue for the opportunity to buy tickets.  Finally, the day arrived, Monday, and we headed off to the museum.

I’ll just start by saying, the pop-up was so much fun!  Each room in the museum brought an abundance of one color in a playful and interactive way.

The featured image was at the beginning of the museum.  On the same wall a bit further down were scratch and sniff circles of fun smells.  Lizzie loves smells so it was easy to coax her out of her wheelchair to smell.



Orange And Blue Room

The Orange room and the Blue room were the only two rooms which were display rooms.  Aside from the brightly painted orange walls there was everything imaginable stuck to the wall.  As you can see of the blue room, all balloons and lightly illuminated.

Cheetos and goldfish. What else do you see?
It was blue balloon tunnel into a cave!








confetti room

A still photo of a fun moment

The confetti room is a real highlight.  Falling from the ceiling from round turning cylinders was brightly colored confetti.  There was a confetti carpet covering the floor and everyone in the room was throwing confetti in the air, snapping photos, videos and just being happy.

The instagram room

This was Lizzie’s favorite.  In the room stood a table with a printer and instagram photos were being continuously sent and printing.  You could tear them off or eventually the images would get long enough and just fall off.  The floor was covered in the photos.  If I had been cool enough I’d have my instagram working and we could have sent photos of ourself!


Light Bright

Light bright was next and there were life size bulbs to put into the holes.  Bill spelled out LS!  See it in the background.


 The ribbon room

Imagine floor to ceiling ribbons in a 12×12 room.  It was like parting the red sea to make your way through.

Green room

Lizzie initiating she had enough!

About this time Lizzie started to have sensory overload.  You can see she is moving herself to leave.  There was a giant crayon and you could color the wall as you can see others have!

 The Grand finale, the yellow room

This was the biggest ball pit ever.  Only Bill and I went in as there were several stairs on both sides to get up and into the pit.

By this time Lizzie saw the door and verbalized “go out”.  Perhaps it was sensory overload as the noises were a bit cavernous and the exhibits quite fun!  Pushing to the limits is ok though!  It was an awesome experience and it makes me want to do all things pop-up!  Is that possible???!!!











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  1. annspivack

    This looks like so much fun. In the orange room, along with Cheetos and Goldfish, I see… cheese! (Is that just me, SJ, that I always see cheese????) LOVED the pic of Bill in the balls. That is a great one.


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