Statement Bracelets

Lizzie loves her dog, Jade.  We often call her puppy interchangeably as she is so cute.  We like to take Jade everywhere but some-places are not feasible.  So, when I discovered statement bracelets it’s now possible for Jade to go everywhere!

This project has few supplies and it is easy to do.


wood bangle bracelet

Photos of your dog or pet and you, clippings from magazines of dogs, words, or wrapping paper to act as decorative filler

Pictures, wrapping paper and scrapbook words.

spray modpodge sealer

glue or modpodge glue


When ordering the unfinished bracelets be sure to get the flat exterior.  It helps when you are trying to glue items on to it.  Also, read the dimensions of the bracelet and check your wrist so you order the correct size.  Ooopsss we ordered the wrong size the first time.

Lay out your design ahead of time, intersperse words, patterns and pictures.  Magazine, catalogs, wrapping paper, scrapbook paper and stickers would all be good sources for materials.

Sponge on the glue and then place the photos and pictures on in the desired design.  Wait until it dries and then spray outside with the sealer.  Viola, A bracelet.

Other Ideas:

Your bracelet can have any theme you’d like.  You can make a bracelet to commemorate an event, family pictures, a hobby, anything really.

Go create a bracelet and be a conversation starter, keep a memory close to you or have a visual reminder of what matters to you!







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