San Marzano Tomatoes

These videos are of Lizzie making tomato sauce.  Working in the kitchen was always one of Lizzie’s hobbies.  She loved to bake and cook.  When our garden started to produce a ton of tomatoes I thought tomato sauce.  Time to get the cutting board and knife and make sauce.

On the TV Show Lost, there was an expression that our family fell in love with “I’m made of time”.  We like to use it when we were on vacation.  So, while making the tomato sauce with Lizzie a calm came over me (I’m made of time!) and  we worked at Lizzie’s pace rather than my usual frenzied pace. Lizzie did all the work.

Lizzie is an excellent worker and chopped all the tomatoes, peeled carrots, chopped onions and carrots and used the hand blender to smooth out the sauce.  Interestingly she picked the knife she wanted to use.   She likes to keep her hands clean so she wore gloves.  Look at how well she cuts with the knife, operates the chopper and the hand blender.  These are all activities ingrained in Lizzie’s mind from her practice in the kitchen and she can still do them.

Try cooking something with your loved one.  It might surprise you how much they can do.  I’ve done hand over hand with the knife before.  Using a smaller knife was easier for Lizzie to manage on her own.  Also appliances are pretty easy as your loved one can help by just pushing a button.

Even more tomatoes!

Hope you have some fun cooking up something yummy!  Our latest crop is going to provide more cooking fun!






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