Garden View

Lizzie always loved having a garden.  Lizzie is 8 in the picture and we often grew sunflowers then.

Gardening is a great way to get outside, be active and enjoy the satisfaction of watching your crops grow.    Lizzie has been going out to our garden with us or the speech therapist for sensory outings.  She loves smelling and picking the herbs or tomatoes that are close to the edge.

Our garden is raised about a foot off the ground.  Not particularly wheelchair friendly.  Since going to the garden had become a regular part of Lizzie’s therapy/routine Bill and I almost simultaneously thought to purchase a raised garden bed.  On to Amazon, imagine you could build one yourself but Amazon provides just the right amount of building for our ability.

The master at work.
The pieces.








Planting the garden.

The garden provides a lot of opportunity for active movement and decision making.  We went to the nursery that is close to our house.  Lizzie smelled many herbs at the nursery and selected the ones she liked best.  Cilantro, basil, thyme, chives and then some flowers.  I’d have to say that I agree with her choices.  Lizzie helped with the planting.

Gardening is a great daily activity.  Everyday the garden needs to be watered.  This uses arm and core strength to lean forward and water.  Observing the plants grow under your care is satisfying.  Lizzie picks off the dead leaves.

In addition to the physical activity of gardening, Lizzie loves the sensory experience.  Our routine is she picks the leaf, smells it, we crush it in her hand and she smell again.  Each leaf will usually produce a mmmmm……. saying yum!  This whole 20 minute activity provides voicing practice, cognition when she identifies the smell or picks the plant after being directed.  Lizzie loves the garden.

As if all this wasn’t enough the garden also provides an opportunity to be creative.  So far Lizzie has painted some rocks and we added a pinwheel.  The possibilities are endless.

Rocks make cute decorations.

I hope you can find a space to build a small raised garden bed and plant some happiness.  If you don’t have a handy husband see if the local boy scout troop would consider doing the project.  Other sources might be neighbors, your church friends, I feel like someone would be willing to help provide you some happiness.


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