Henna Hand

I first was exposed to henna tattoos from my sister who always did them at her school’s fair.  I was always intrigued by them but they felt so mysterious.  I saw a kit at Urban Outfitter and purchased it but it sat for a long time on the shelf.  Finally I showed it to one of Lizzie’s young companions and she was able to use the home kit.  So this post is a nod to some of Lizzie’s caregivers who are creative and have been able to do henna tattoos with a home kit.  Noninvasive, beautiful and it lasts for 3 weeks hmmm….I wonder why I’ve never done it.

The first time I thought henna tattoos might be fun I purchased a kit at Urban Outfitters and then other times on Amazon. Lizzie’s caregivers have been creative enough to do the tattoo free hand but the kits are good because they have the stencils to trace if you are not creative enough.  Plus the kits have all the dyes you need.  https://www.amazon.com/Organic-Temporary-Tattoo-Painting-Premium/dp/B00Z1XBS8O/ref=sr_1_3_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1504492555&sr=8-3&keywords=henna+tattoo+kit

This particular tattoo was done at a small show in town and only $15.  The tattoo artist had been at an art and wine festival in town and we thought to get her card.   At the shop Lizzie indicated she only wanted one tattoo, picked the location and specifically did not want the palm of the hand.  Even with ataxia Lizzie can manage to keep her hands still during the tattoo.  Personal decisions, are of course, a more natural way to practice decision making.

Next time you have a festival in your town be on the look out for cards from services that look like it might be a source of fun in the future.  Otherwise, I looked at yelp.  I took a quick glance at different locations across the US and I found the larger cities seem to have henna tattoos studios.  The other option is to be creative, order a kit on line and try it yourself.

Go decorate and look pretty.


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