Summer of Love

The exhibit!


I was interested in this exhibit that was at the deYoung Museum in San Francisco to commemorate the anniversary of the “summer of love” that happened in  1967 in San Francisco.   Huge groups of hippies gathered at Haight and Ashbury.

Wednesday night I asked Lizzie if she wanted to go and she gave me a head nod!  Then I went and picked out two outfits that I thought were sort of boho chic and fitting for the theme of the exhibit.  Lizzie pointed to the one she wanted.  Yippeee two choices in one night.  Pretty cute outfit don’t you agree!

I was more enthralled with the exhibit than I thought I would be.  Not only did it bring back lots of memories of musical groups but the clothes were either my clothes or very much the clothes you see at Target right now.  Boho lovely chic!

A room wallpapered with rock posters.

A whole room of concert posters.






The words are so fun to read!

The buttons representative of the movement.





The posters were pieces of art and a puzzle to read the artists name.

Surprisingly the exhibit was crowded on a Thursday at 2:30.  We managed to wield our way through and get close to all the exhibits.  The posters were so impressive.  Works of art all on their own.






I owned a shirt with the same print.
We would have crocheted this sweater. We thought we could make anything.

The clothing quite dominate in the rooms being on manikin on a 6″ or more platform.  There were lots of videos which we didn’t watch but the whole tone of the exhibit was in keeping with the summer of love.

It is always difficult to tell if Lizzie is enjoying an outing or not.  We go on Lizzie’s prior interest, asking her before we go or share something we know we’d like with her.    Taking outings can be hard as a new situation is unpredictable.   It takes courage and planning and a willingness for have a bad experience.  Since Bill traveled a lot for work I got good at taking the children places.  Going out and about is one of the things our family just did.  Here are a few tips.

Tip#1  Taking an extra person on an outing can make the logistics easier and the trip more relaxing.

Tip#2  Try to be as prepared as possible.  We have an emergency back up of clothes in our car in addition to the one we carry in the large purse that sits on the back of the wheelchair.

Tip#3  Timing can be everything.  Lizzie gets inpatient at times with waiting and if possible she’ll take off in her wheelchair or when we’d go biking, on her bike.

Tip#4  Sometimes try out an activity before and practice the outing.

Tip#5  Keep expectations in line with potential.  When we shop we just go for one things, lotion, sunglasses, tops, pants.  You get the idea.  When we go to the museum we do not do the audio tour.  We cruise through and stop at points of interest.



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