Dog Party

Who would have known?  We went to a dog park in San Francisco on Friday.  Lizzie’s physical therapist suggested meeting there.  We like to meet her in the city, from time to time, for therapy to give her a break from driving down to see Lizzie every week.  So with that in mind and the lure of going to a dog park we set.

The dog park was huge and way exceeded our expectations.   I can say I’ve never seen so many dogs before in one place.  It reminded me of the Dr. Seuss book Go, Dog, Go, where they have a dog party in the book.  The only thing missing is a talking dog who asked if we liked her hat.  Lizzie started off the in wheelchair and then with the therapist we walked to a picnic bench.  The number of dogs was amazing.  Here is just a small view of the one grouping of dogs but there were 6 or 7 groups like this.

As Lizzie sat on the picnic bench several dogs came over.  The large dogs were so cute as Lizzie could pet them much easier. All the while Lizzie used her core to sit up, reach out and pet the dogs on the side, in front, and some on her lap.

After about two hours we headed home.  What a fun physical therapy session!  It was indeed a dog party!




















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