I want to shop at ……….

This is the list I placed in front of Lizzie.  When she pointed to Antrhoplogie I was so happy to have her initiate a choice.  Most of the time Lizzie will just look at the list or start erasing the list so that I have no idea what she wants.  But, yipppeeeee……Lizzie initiated a decision!

So, when Lizzie  verbalizes or makes a choice we try to fulfill her requests as soon as we can.  In this instance going to Anthropoligie was a outing, love it, and involves shopping, love it again!

To execute the plan we headed out at a very unusual time for us, 7:00 pm, on a Monday night.  Sometimes with Lizzie’s therapy and activity schedule there just isn’t time to go anywhere.  When we got into the store it was so exciting as there was a big sign that said, an additional 30% off all sale items.

Anthropolgie, known for their long sale racks of very unique styled clothes,  make you feel you are buying one of a kind despite the other sizes that are on the rack.  Even on a Monday night it was rather busy and luckily Bill was along to help.  We picked out several items and off to the dressing room.

Here’s what Lizzie bought!  Very cute.

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