Grandma comes to play!

My mom, Lizzie’s grandma came to visit for 3 days and we had one whole day with nothing to do but hang out and have fun.  We had the butter cookie dough ready before mom arrived so we  plunged right into making cookies.

Since we were 3 generations of women we decided to make cookies using a family tradition of a cookie press.  Through the year I’ve been surprised at how few people know of a cookie press.   My  Mom discovered the cookie press in Germany where we lived for five years.  Mom was always looking for a way to entertain her five children so when she saw the cookie press a new tradition began.  Originating in Germany the cookies are a Christmas cookie.  But for us any day is a cookie press day.

The cookie press consist of a cylinder where you load the cookie dough.  Different disc can be placed at the end of the cylinder and you click the trigger twice and dough presses out in the shape of your disc.   There are so many disc now but I remember the Christmas tree and the heart the most from my childhood.   The snowman and the crazy star are new and very cute.

Using the cookie press is in Lizzie’s long term memory so it was natural for her to pick up the cookie gun and start shooting out those cookies.  See how easily she does this.


Now look at grandma struggle.

Lizzie makes it look easy!


The recipes for the cookies are passed down from generation.  We always used the simple butter cookie recipe but varied in different decorations and frostings we’d use.  With the cookies done it was a taste of Germany in our mouth and many more memories of a life time of making cookie press cookies!















After making the cookies we switched over to looking at the rings.  Mom has purchased these rings for Lizzie and Lizzie loves putting them on all her fingers.  It was a nice opportunity for mom to interact with personally.  Mom put the rings on and then became the best O.T. ever when


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