I hope you had the time of your life.


I fell in love with this Green Day song as I watched the series finale of Seinfeld.  It’s been a month since Bill’s and mine joint 60th birthday party.   We indeed had the time of our life!  Like a perfect wine it was the best blend of our siblings, my mom, and the friends who have been our best supporters over these last four years.

I was so happy that night, calling myself party girl and nearly kissing my girlfriend (not really).  But it makes my story more fun!  Being surrounded with our family and friends was pure delight.  Each time I looked at someone I thought of the contribution they had made to our family over the last four years.  It made me so happy to see these different parts of my lives engaged in conversations, being happy, dancing and singing together.

We thought karaoke would be fun with the only entrance criteria to the party being to perform.    Bill and I started off the singing just to set the bar lower than low.  Quite a few people sang and it was sheer delight and entertainment.  The surprise soloist my son, Richard and then Kayleen set a a higher bar but by nights end all my family and many other groups sang.  The last songs were my mom, sister and nephew singing Jingle Bells and my whole family singing Happy Birthday.







When the  sun had set  we moved the tables aside and danced a while.  Disc lights flashing on us; we were a big group just dancing away.  The next day we all knew we had the time of our life.  Ouch!  .

Love to all!

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