Cupcakes and Bling

Who knew that Betsey Johnson made iron on patches!  For the simplest project ever take an old tee shirt, iron on some patches, and have a whole new look.

We had some patches around the house from a previous trip to the craft store.  When cleaning out the closet I came across them.   Lizzie and I swung into action to convert a plain gray tee shirt from H&M into a new stylish look.

Talk about the easiest project ever.

  1. Preheat iron
  2. Stick patch randomly on tee shirt.
  3. Iron to set the design.
  4. Use other rhinestones to embellish.  These were iron on too.
  5. Viola pretty and  cute tee shirt.

You can buy craft tee shirts at Michaels but H&M and Target have inexpensive and more stylish tee shirts.

Check out iron on patches and bling up your wardrobe!  


Tip:   Iron on letters can be fun too.  Deciding on a message and arranging the letters on the shirt can be very empowering.  Lizzie has done a tee shirt that said Hi.

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