I’m Thankful Lord for the Gift of Bill

This morning at my church group the discussion was self reflection.  In a guided reflection on the topic of Gratitude we started off by breathing in and out several long and slow breathes.  Thinking, what am I grateful for.  Several ideas popped into my mind, smaller more in the moment sort of ideas.  As I continued to breath deeply and really pull up the source of my gratitude I knew I was thankful to the Lord for Bill.  I let this past weekends images pop in front of my closed eyes and I clicked through the imagines like using the View Master from my youth.


The images all different some fixed and some played a mini movie in the square.  What the disc showed was my gratitude that Bill shared with me that he’s been climbing in bed with Lizzie to help her sleep at night,  my gratitude that he took Richard on one of his  long walks that he loves to do, and  my gratitude that Bill went to see the Tupac movie even though I knew he didn’t want to.  And finally I’m most gracious and thankful to the lord that Bill endures my ways even though I can be the most unthankful person in the world sometimes.


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