Neighborhood Bar

Being home all the time with Lizzie certainly shrinks our daily contact to those closest to us.  Lucky us to have the nicest neighbors ever!  Our street is unique in that there are only 8 houses on a small private road.  Through the years our closeness has grown and we are all always up for a party.  We have block parties, different themes several times a year and can be seen gathering and chatting outside on the street often.  One person is out and then others follow and it’s an impromtu party on the street.  .

So, when a house turns over it is a big deal.  The oldest remaining house in our neighborhood recently sold and the new neighbors are young.  In different conversations we came to learn that they own two bars in downtown San Jose.  What an excuse for a party! Since one bar is a speciality cocktail place our group of mostly 50+ opted to go there.

We carpooled with our designated driver and headed to Paper Planes.  Already before we had drinks or got there we were hooting and hollering, happy people and happy together.  The new neighbors had reserved a table for us and started sharing the speciality drink menu with us, taking our order, serving us, ordering food for us, and made fun conversation with us.  The new neighbors set the bar for a higher level of fun!

Hope you enjoy our photos as much as we did making them!

Artichoke mac and cheese, yummy fries in duck fat.



The whole gang that night!

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