FLY Gala

It was a red carpet event in the old Fox theater in Redwood City to raise money for the FLY organization.  It was not Hollywood, but can I convince you it was the same!?.  Stepping onto the red carpet the organizers cheered and snapped photos.  Who wouldn’t feel like a faux star!  The fund raiser was quite different than the usual silent auction, dinner and live auction.  It’s nice to see that someone is putting an original thought into a gala!

A long time friend of ours has been involved for years in the FLY organization.  FLY is an organization which assists young people through education and mentorship who have had the misfortune to be incarcerated.  On top of wanting to support our friend we also wanted to support the organization.

Entering the event there were several interactive games set up.  Bill spun the wheel and won a pound of Peet’s coffee, I won chap stick and these very pretty coasters with the art of the young people on it.  I felt inspired, an idea for Lizzie’s art!

We also played a jeopardy game which highlighted different parts of the law that the young people learned about in their classes.  We didn’t do that well so luckily we are on the other side of the law.

I went around to some other booths and met a few of the youth that were there to interact with the crowd.  At some point we were ushered into the main stage for dessert.  During that time we heard some very inspirational stories of the volunteers that help the youth and the youth’s stories.

All in all a happy way to connect with others and have a night out of fun!

Our vintage photo!


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  1. Livia Imada

    I am uplifted by your Therafun blog – life goes on for your family and you have the ability to find joy in difficult situations as well as to do good.


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