When Lizzie was in junior high school her school always had a craft fair for the students to make items and sell at the holiday craft fair.  She purchased a washer necklace one year and it was so cute.  Lizzie wore it quite a bit.  So, flash forward to present and during my ritual of perusing Pinterest, (PP) it was no surprise that a washer necklace caught my eye.  The necklaces are so pretty!

These are the materials needed to make the washer necklaces









The materials are quite simple and it is easy and fun to make.

1. Washer of various sizes.  Going to the hardware store is such a fun outing.

2.  Alcohol based inks.  Michaels or Amazon

3.  Mod-Podge acrylic spray

4.  Cotton balls

5.  Double sticky tape to tape down the washer.

Spacing the washers out, taping to the surface and using the nonskid surface helps with fine motor difficulties.


Tape a few washers on a paper plate or a large piece of thick paper.  To keep your paper from slipping around put the nonskid work surface under your paper.  The nonskid work surface can be easily washed.


Dot surface of cotton ball with the various colors of ink. Then stamp the washer till it is the desired color.

It’s fun to drop the ink onto the cotton balls.


Use the clean side of the cotton ball and dab the washer till the color is perfect!

Let the washer dry then spray with Mod Podge acrylic spray to set the colors.

Tie cord or lace around the washer and wear.

Tip 1:  I found that Walmart has a lot of different kinds of ribbon much cheaper than Amazon or Michaels.

Tip 2:  Not all the washers need to have color.  An uncolored washer can be paired with a colored one.  Look at the necklace above with the green bead.

Tip 3: Make extra washers and keep them with your jewelry making supplies.   Another time spend more time focusing on matching beads and ribbons and making different combination of necklaces.



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