Soap Fun

Great for a themed bathroom or kids.
The goat milk has a very elegant look.

Soap making is an idea that gives over and over again making it a 5 star activity in my eyes.  Soap is fun to make for your own use and for gifts.  The first time we made soap we used a kit we had purchased on Amazon.  I love kits as they make a new activities easy to do.  The directions included using a double broiler to melt the wax.  Through the years we’ve refined the process, thanks to  Pinterest,  and now we melt the soap in a pyrex measuring cup in the microwave.  We’ve made goats milk soap and glycerin soap.  Both pretty options.  Let’s get started!



Ingredients needed:

Soap base.  Soap base for making soap can be purchased easily from Amazon.  The soap comes in large blocks, 2 pounds usually and is scored for easy cutting.  Look for glycerin for the clear soap and organic/plain goat milk.

Mold for soap.

Color Dye for soap. Essential oils or scents.


Cut scored soap base into small chunks.








Move cut cubes to pyrex cup.


Put cup into microwave. Do 1 minute bursts.
Stir after 1 minute burst in microwave until melted.









Add color and fragrance.







Continue to stir and then pour into a soap mold.

This mold can be used for soap or for brownies.

There are several molds available on Amazon.  Look around your house you might have a silicone mold that you’ve used for baking.

If using a soap base put the mold in the freezer for 10 minutes.  If using glycerine the soap will just harden.  Give a good amount of time, 4-6 hours and then un-mold.  You have soap ready to use or gift!

Tip 1:

Gifting the soap is a fun way to personalize the soap.  Look for flowers or plastic animals to put in the soap.

Tip 2:

When making the soap think about the scent.  Aromatherapy is a fun way to preselect the scent and stimulate your senses.  Line up 2-4 scents and smell them.  Put them in a cotton ball and really smell them.  Try to select the scent you like the best.

Tip 3:

The flowers are beautiful and smell so good.

Purchasing dried flowers is such a fun adventure.  I ordered some organic flowers from Amazon and was so impressed with the flowers and the packaging.  Also, the flowers are kosher certified..





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