From life to paper

One of Lizzie’s caregivers thought Lizzie might enjoy scrapbooking.  I was all in, a hobby  that Lizzie could participate in sounded great to me.    I rushed off to Michael’s, the craft store, and had double fun, shopping for embellishments in the aisles of stickers, cute paper and themes kits.  Fun and fun.

We keep a ton of Trader Joe’s baking mixes on hand so that we can bake whenever the whim hits us.


This is the first page of the scrapbook.  Lizzie had just made the Trader Joe, Beer Bread and then did the scrapbook page.  Making the scrapbook page right after the activity helps to reenforce her activity and the memory.  The pictures on the box make a really cute pictorial representation too.  Lizzie is not quite able to design the page but she enjoys sticking the pieces down, pulling out the double sticky tape and putting it on the pictures and then putting the pictures down on the paper.  Further, the benefit of relooking at her scrapbook can help to reenforce her memory.



Using a paper cutter makes your scrapbook look better. There is a lot of paper to cut for the pages.

Lizzie is quite adept at using the paper cutter to cut the paper.  You can use the paper cutter to cut the cardboard which we have done other times.









As time has marched on Lizzie has gotten better at scrapbooking.  We started to embellish the pages more.  Using stickers and wasabi tape can make pages pop.  So can stamps.  Another time we’ve painted the page ahead of time to get the right color and texture.  The possibilities are endless with scrapbooking.

No matter how hard we try we still end up with a mess.



As a caution, be prepared for a mess of fun!

Tip #1

Look on Pinterest for lots of ideas on how to do your pages.

Tip #2

The sticker sheets at Michaels also give good idea for activities and pages . There are baking stickers, dog activity stickers, shopping stickers, selfie stickers, party, holiday and travel stickers to name a few.

Tip #3

As Lizzie has gotten better we’ve drawn up a tentative page plan and had her implement more of the plan n her own. Hello practice makes perfect!








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