About a year ago Bill came home with a flyer for  Create it.  It is close to the house and he thought it was something Lizzie and I could do.  I was instantly drawn to the colorful picture and when I saw glass making I was very interested.  At Priory, the high school that Lizzie went to, there was a glass making class.  I longingly looked at students throughout the years carrying around their glass colored creative projects, trays, pendants, and bowls.  I was envious that I didn’t have a supply of these items in our home.  But her class load didn’t permit taking the class or so she told me.

It appears I have an even older connection with glass making as when our family went to Venice in 2006 we visited the island of Murano.  Murano is known for glass making and as such when we arrived by  water taxi, there were glass making shops upon shops.  Each shop had large garage type doors open to the outside where you could walk by and watch glass making in the process.  The heat penetrated out and the beauty of the melting bright colored glass being molded and sculpted into a piece of glassware was a unique site to see.  Our family stood in awe, behind the rope line, feeling safe but tentative.  We went into many of the gift shops to browse the gifts for sale.

Almost by coincidence we had met up with a friend from Los Altos.  Their son was Lizzie’s grade and since he was inbetween the ages of Richard and Lizzie it added a nice diversion for everyone.  We were about 10 days into a 3 week vacation and maybe growing a bit weary of the closeness.  We all popped in and out of the different retail stores that carried the glasswork.  Dear  Donna, our friend and perfect in all ways, kept purchasing glass pendants.  The pendants were between $5-$10 and she bought around 10. She said she was giving them as Christmas presents.  I couldn’t wrap my head around the idea of buying a bunch of pendants till I was back home.  Ever since then I’ve regretted not buying a bunch of pendants if for no other reason than to have the beauty around me! I always wondered if I could give them away.

Two weeks ago Lizzie and I were at the mall where Create It is located.  We went into the store and asked about glass making.  Everything looked like it cost $100.00, yes, I’m cheap.  We left but thought in the corner of my mind, perhaps we’d come back with someone as a treat!  As predictable as night is to day, Sarah, my upbeat, cooler, and so giving, said she wanted to meet Lizzie and I there to make pendents.  So, when my sister in law, Sarah, sweet, energetic, friend to my children, called to say she wanted to go do glassmaking with Lizzie and I we jumped on it.  All I could think of is FINALLY.  Thank god and Sarah!

Upon arriving it looked like we were going to be able to make 5-6 pendents for $50.00.  Awesome was all I could think as now we are talking Murano prices.  I was already figuring out in my head who I would give these too.  Maybe!

The shop keeper confidently demonstrated and informed us about all of our choices in decorating. She gave us a ton of guidelines and we listened carefully.  Then we sat down at the long table to work to create it!  Bill also came, xo.  We worked creatively, of course, to create our pendents.  Bill was our creative inspiration as he’d find pieces that were done and had us copy the designs.  Lizzie was only mildly interested in the project, perhaps the pieces were too small for her or it was too much going on at the table,  or she just wasn’t in the mood.  Hard to tell.  Yet we didn’t let that distract us from a great time.

Sitting leisurely in the store, making art and making conversation.  No time constraints.  The reality of crafting together is it provides the best conversations, uniting behind a common cause, beatification of something.  No disagreements, no my side your side, no raging emotions, it’s all about being together and creating something tangible.   The best conversation is one that can’t be remembered because it flowed so smoothly and perfectly.  We were so engaged in our projects and talking that we barely heard a fire siren that the shop clerk responded to by jumping up and checking it out.  Indeed there was a fire, 10 stores down, at Jamba Juice.  It didn’t unsettle us though, and we finished up our pieces.

It will take a week for the pieces to be fired.  When I receive the finished pieces in a week I’ll be able to say FINALLY.  I wonder who the special benefactors will be.

God bless you Sarah.


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