What have you been doing?

Around September of 2013 I wanted to make some sort of journal for Lizzie.  I was hoping to encourage her with what she was accomplishing and help her memory.  The first journals were rather reminiscent of the journal I’d do with my first graders, a bit crude.  Hello I was on a leave of absence from teaching first grade.



As time marched on I purchased these beautiful journals from Paperblanks, and recorded accomplishments, outings, anything.  What I loved best about the journals besides being a visual tactile memory was when people visited and ask “what have you been doing”, I can produce what is indeed a good life!  



Looking back at some of Lizzie’s things in her room she had a definite interest in scrapbooking.  Around the house somewhere are some of her old scrapbooks.  Especially cute are the ones with her friend Sarah who was from Japan.  Their fun comes alive when you look at the pages and it serves as a lifelong memory.

So, we started our journey into scrapbooking and Lizzie seems to enjoy it.  Sometimes the only way we can tell if Lizzie likes something is her willingness to participate.  Spending two hours focused and scrapbooking says she “loves it”!

When we get started we have the best intentions of a nice organized workspace.  But before long, look at the chaos!  It’s funny how this is oddly reminiscent of Lizzie’s, Version 1.0,  bedroom!




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