The Way It Should Be

I left my house in Los Altos at 10:30.  The sky was so blue and clear a truly beautiful March 1st day not at all characteristic of winter!  I was off to meet a friend who lives in San Francisco.  I had some extra time and thought I’d drive to her and meet her mom rather than meet in the middle like we usually do.  Increasingly over the years the traffic from here to San Francisco, barely 35 miles from us, has gone from a 45 minute trip to two hours in bumper to bumper traffic.  Why you ask, every young person who works in Silicon Valley wants to live in “the city”.  San Francisco definitely has it charms and they had worked there way into my heart a long time ago before it was so popular to live there.  I had wanted to have a rental in the city so that Bill and I might escape up there for some fun on the weekends.  We know how that turned out though.

Back to my trip, approaching the on ramp I was amazed at how wide open the road was.  Hardly any traffic at all.  My phone was saying 35 minutes.  Really?   I had pedal to the metal and about half way there I caught site of a police car perched on the on ramp ready to pounce.  I slowed down to 70 till I was out of eye site.  Arriving in San Francisco at a  record 35 minutes and merging onto 19th Avenue,   the scant traffic in front of me, making most of the lights I arrived in 50 minutes at my friend’s house.  I sat in the car for a moment and smiled, that’s the way it should be.



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