The designs are prepunched. It requires a delicate touch to punch out the holes.

We had gone to the mall last weekend, hold on, February 21st to Town and Country Mall.  It is a low profile mall, all outdoors that is/was vintage 70s.  Revamped 5 or so years ago and it sudden is a retail hotspot of restaurants casual and more upscale, woman’s retails shops, spas, you get the idea.  One of the places Lizzie and I like to go to is a young peoples store called Francisca’s.  In one small rectangular store front they manage to cram in enough merchandise to excite even a nearly 60 year old woman.  It could be the prices scream, buy the whole store, buy one get one free, buy one get one 50% off and everything seems to be discounted all the time.

Long story finally getting around to the story.  We went in and mid February must be an odd retail time as Lizzie seemed to have owned something of each of the items in there already.  Not much excited us so we sped out to see what else we could see.  We went into a store called Paper Source.  It screams fun from the minute you go in as there is a multitude of colors stacked neatly in cubbies all across the back row.  Everything so organized and such great colors.  Looking up at one of the displays I see a paper butterfly and just as I could wonder if we could make those I noticed a kit which is Level 2 and looks like it just required some punching out of the pre-punched shapes and gluing on some decorations.  Fun and easy.  The first one was pretty fun.

On our second attempt we had a harder time with punching and needed to go slower.  A great way to practice.  Perhaps next time we’ll purchase a Stage 1 kit.








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