The start, my side

December 26, 2012

It was the day after Christmas and all through the house, all were sleeping quiet as mice.  I dashed off for my mammogram of all things and afterwards was going to meet Lizzie and Bill for after Christmas shopping at the mall.  Having finished quite early from the squashing of my breasts I called Bill from the Doctor’s phone to say I’d meet them at Urban Outfitter (UO) in 30 minutes.  I’d gifted my phone to Lizzie for the holiday as her phone didn’t work in the USA.

Off to UO to exchange some tights Santa had brought and were not right.  Waiting and waiting at UO at the appointed time pursuing the merchandise over and over seemed so benign but boring.  Now an hour late, very unusual,  I asked to use the phone and sweetly they said yes.  I called Bill who was quite in a fright.  Said I’m in an ambulance Lizzie passed out.  Richard is on his way to find you.  Drive safe, it should be alright.  I’ll meet you at the hospital.  Down the El Camino my buggy did go, keeping those words safely in my mind.

When upon my arrival and seeing Bill it was quite clear that nothing was real.  His ashen shaken face, his shaky demeanor as he said she off in CT right now.  A surreal feeling came over me like I wasn’t really there as all this information started to reveal.  The Neurosurgeon on duty in the ER pointed to the scan on the wall and said the bleed is deep in the cerebullum and  with pressure  to the  brainstem it didn’t sound promising.  Seeing Lizzie on the bed, stiff and white I could only huddle and know it wasn’t right.  Soon convulsions began and they rushed in with some sort of shot.  They said they were going to install a drain in her head and then got out the instructions!  Oh ugh.  In no time at all they said we’ll need to transfer her to Stanford as we don’t have the capability to take care of all her needs.

That wait was endless for the transport team to arrive.  Lots of prep and details with  the device hooked into her head.  When at last we left for a different journey the siren ablaze as we headed to Stanford.

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