February 17, 2017

I was inspired by my sister, Kayleen, to write postcards to government officials about issues that the Trump government seems insensitive to.  Kayleen had sent me a photo of a batch of post cards she wrote.  KK also said that a friend had a post card writing party and people brought there issues and everyone sat around and wrote post cards.   I mentioned it to my sister in law and she was all up for gathering to write cards.  That is a different story though.  Here is the inspiration.



In preparation for our post card writing party Lizzie had previously marbleized paper and I thought what beautiful postcards marbleizing would make.
So we set out to Marbelize Paper.

Ingredients, a rimmed cookie sheet, watercolor paper, paper towels, basic white shaving cream and acrylic paints, a few colors.


Start by squirting shaving cream into cookie sheet.


Squirt in a lot of shaving cream.  You can spread with your hands or a wooden spoon or spatula.





Next add two of your favorite colors.



Blend the paint all around and then add a piece of paper.  Lie it flat on top of the mixture and press.


Turn the paper over onto a paper towel.


Use a knife, piece of cardboard or a piece of paper towel and wipe off all the shaving cream.  You’ll be left behind with this beautiful marbleized paper.



Let dry and then place under some books so the paper doesn’t curl.  Cut to desired size.  Postcards can be 4 1/4 x 6 or 3 1/2 x 5.


Happy coloring.


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