The conversation in hearts


February 11, 2014

Today our friend and neighbor Sumaya came over.  I always thought of Sumaya as Lizzie’s adoptive mom as she spent so much time over at her house.  Her son, Lachlan, and Lizzie were good buddies.  Hours of jumping on the trampoline and playing with the puppies/dogs, they had three, left a soft spot in Lizzie’s heart for Sumaya.

We had been talking about doing a valentine project and Sumaya had been over a few days prior.  She kept pressing for making a “treat” that would signify Valentines day!  We had found oreo truffles on pinterest and figured it would be perfect.

We gathered and Sumaya had brought all the supplies.  This was a great project for Lizzie as she was able to participate in the steps.  I noticed from photos with the caregivers that she likes to wear gloves when she does projects.  So, I put the gloves on.  She looked so cute as always.

Step 1:  Grind a whole pack of oreo cookies, whole,  in a food processor.


Step 2:  Put mixture into a stand mixer and add one package of cream cheese. (Forgot to get that picture but you get the idea!)



Step 3:  Roll the mixture into balls and place on a cookie sheet.  Put in freezer to harden for 20 minutes.  Towards the end, melt chocolate chips in bowl.  Try half a bag.



Step 4:  Next take a few extra oreos or we also used Girl Scoot Thin Mints and crush the cookies into crumbs.



Step 5:  Take balls out of the freezer and roll in the chocolate first.  Then roll in the cookie crumbs.


Step 5:  Cut pink tissue paper to fit inside the boxes.  Place chocolates in the box.



Step 6:  Place conversation heart stickers, purchased from Target, on the outside of the box.




The final product:



The treats were so delicious and a great gift to pass out to the neighbors!


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