November 19, 2014

Hi Christopher and Chloe,

I shared my experience with Bill this morning and you are the second ones I’m sharing with.  Nearly every day I read a little part of your book.  I randomly open the book and read part of it for 5-10 minutes.    Sometimes I’ve read the section before but it always reads like it is the first time.  Today when I opened the book it was to the part about feeling Jesus’s presence and seeing Jesus.  It was funny as all the times I’ve opened the book it was never to this section.  I wondered if I had ever felt Jesus or ever would.  

Today Lizzie goes to speech therapy in San Mateo, it is a bit of a schlep up there.  We are getting on the freeway and off in the distant is the most  vivid and the most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen.  It instantly hit me that the most beautiful rainbow ever was a sign from Jesus.  The colors were so distinct and I’ve never seen a rainbow’s colors so separated like that.  We drove under the rainbow and I told Lizzie it was a sign from Jesus.    I told her it was going to be a great day.  I could see the sadness on her face lighten a bit.  She had looked so sad this morning.   I could hardly hold back my tears, ok, I didn’t but didn’t burst out crying.  As though one beautiful rainbow wasn’t enough  we saw 2 more rainbows which seemed to arch over us and each time as I drove under it I felt so emotional.

Lizzie speech session was good but not great as they usually seem to go.  On the way back from speech the “sighting” seemed to have slipped from my mind.  I might not have mentioned this to anyone but kept it to myself and Lizzie except that  as I was getting off the freeway I saw another rainbow.  Now I’m infused with the feeling of Jesus with me.  I’m not very religious so this feels huge to me.

 We get home and as we usually do, we support Lizzie as she walks with the walker into the house.  Today however her walker is turned away from the house and when we asked her where she is going she says away!  This is music to our ears that Lizzie verbalized this and was acting on it.  She walked down the street a bit till she got tired then got in her wheelchair and pushed herself some more.  

 There you go, that was my something to share.  Hope you are all doing well.  If you ever make it down here please come for a visit.  We hope to come back to Marin again for a visit too! 

Thank you for everything.

Sara Somers


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