On my own

Forcing paper whites has long been KK’s project and for years when she would visit during the holidays she’d always bring me a pot of paper whites.  There had been a several year gap so last year at Thanksgiving KK and I thought to force paper whites as a therapeutic project for Lizzie.  We set up a nice assembly line  and planted 10 or so pots with 2-3 paper whites each.  The plants turned out beautifully and of the few pots I kept the aroma was so fragrant.

This year when KK didn’t come we decided to the the project on our own.

I should have stopped the second I started as I always try to save money on the containers by using what we have around the house.  This year I thought, oh clay pots are so cheap let’s paint those with acrylic pain in holiday colors and gold.  They did look cute but were totally nonfunctional with the materials I purchased as they pebbles/sand fell out the hole and after I finally got some rocks to slightly plug the whole the water fell out too!

Now it has been 6 weeks and some of the plants are blooming and even the ones that are blooming they have NO aroma.  How could that be.  The worst implementation ever.  My motto is not on my own again.  Here’s the photo.






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