Apricot Lane

December four years ago I was in my last week of teaching class before the winter  vacation.  The first graders were more than antsy but with my no nonsense approach and minimizing Christmas celebrations or talk I had kinda stomped the spirit out of them!  Lizzie had come home for Christmas vacation from college on Wednesday and Richard had gotten home the weekend before.  Prior to her arriving home the three of us had sat around chatting relaxingly in the family room naturally engaging in conversation and interspersed with tapping away on our computers.  I know it was the calm before the storm as Lizzie always created a whirlwind around her.  She always was the sun in the day and the wind in our storm, always having more fun than the three of us combined.

When she arrived home I was still teaching and I craved doing a mother daughter outing, shopping or lunch or something.  Lizzie wanting to connect with her friends was doing this and that.  A new boutique had opened in town and I had heard it had nice clothes at a reasonable price.  I ran into a friend on Friday coming back from town with her daughter, their arms were chocked full of bags from Apricot Lane the new store in town.  I had a twinge of jealously as they were doing the very activity I was craving to do with Lizzie.  There would be time I thought, we had two weeks after Christmas.  It wasn’t like we had a time opportunity yet so we held off.  Christmas was the next day and we were hosting.  So the business of hosting, readying Christmas morning and having our traditional Christmas Eve dinner at our long time friends had ensued.

In a strange coincidence a year later Lizzie and I did have a shopping trip to Apricot Lane but it was in a different town, Bakersfield.  Indeed the clothes were fashionable and a reasonable price given the more unique nature of the clothes.






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